Beaulieu Secondary

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Blazer-Beaulieu Convent

Navy tailored jacket with school badge

Jumper - Beaulieu Secondary

Navy V-Neck Jumper

Skirt - Beaulieu Secondary

Blue Ramsey check

Rever Collar - White - 2 Pack

Short Sleeve Polycotton Rever Collar Blouse

Banner Full Zip Tracksuit Top

Compulsory item of uniform from Key Stage 2 up to be worn on PE days

Polo shirts - Beaulieu

APTUS Sky blue Polo Shirt with Logo.

Sweatshirts PE - Beaulieu

Navy sweatshirt for PE use only with school logo

Banner - Slim Fit Micro Cuff Track Pant

Navy elastic cuffed microfibre track pant in a slim fit available in two leg lengths For a more generous fit see Banner regular Fit Micro Cuff Track Pant

Banner regular Fit Micro Cuff Track Pant

Navy elastic cuffed microfibre track pant in a more generous fit compared to Banner - Slim Micro Cuff Track Pant fit, available in two leg lengths.

PE Shorts - Beaulieu

Navy APTUS Performance Girls PE Shorts.

Beaulieu - Leggings

Navy APTUS performance leggings with BCS logo.

Skort - Beaulieu

Navy APTUS Performance PE Skort Optional item for girls selected to play in a school team in Primary or Secondary

House T-Shirts - Beaulieu

Beaulieu school house T-shirts in Marie Loise - royal blue, Teresa - red and Durrell - purple

Beaulieu - APTUS Rain Jacket

Lightweight, breathable rain jacket with Logo.

Beaulieu Chef's Jacket

White with short sleeves and embroidered school logo

Beaulieu School Games Socks

Navy/Sky Hooped Games Sock

Navy Fitness Short

Technical Fitness short Summer dress suitable

Trainer Liner Socks

Five Pack - Being discontinued, only certain sizes available

Tights - Nylon

2 pack

Socks - Long

3 pack Long Reward cotton socks - Various colours

Socks - Short

3 pack Short Reward cotton socks - Various colours

Alice Bands

Alice band in Ramsay Blue check to match the Beaulieu winter school uniform

Scrunchies - Beaulieu Winter

Ramsay Blue Tartan Scrunchie to match winter pinafore and skirt

Alice Bands - Beaulieu Summer

Alice band in summer dress fabric

Targetdry - Vancover Unisex Coat

Navy Winter Coat with Waterproof and Windproof features

Result - StormDri 4000 Reversible Coat

Waterproof Reversible Result Coat with Fleece Lining and Hood

Result - Rugged Stuff Coat Unisex

Long line waterproof coat with fleece lining

Shin-pads - Ankle Guard

Ankle Guard sports shin-pads Available in S, M and L

Shin-pads - Traditional

Traditionl style sports shin-pads Available in S, M and L

Gum Shields - Snap-Fit

OPRO SnapFit Mouthguards Available in multiple colours

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